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Mission-Focused Professional since 2004

After almost two decades in the non-profit industry, I founded Focus Shift as a way to best use my accumulated experience and knowledge to help organizations grow and maximize their potential. I believe in a mindset of abundance – that there is enough for all and that as we shift our focus to see the resources available to us, those resources grow exponentially.  My years of work in development, fundraising, non-profit management, grant writing, and strategy development have given me a unique lens through which to work with my clients. I want to bring value to your organization and become a trusted resource that you can reach out to as needed.  Let’s be honest.  Nonprofit work is hard, burnout is real, and turnover is tough for organizations.  By utilizing a professional consultant in strategic ways, you can not only support your staff but also maximize the use of your precious monetary resources.

I have a Master’s Degree in International Marketing from St. Joseph’s University and a Bachelor of Science in International Studies & Political Science from Drexel University.  I have years of experience in managing local and international non-profit organizations and I’m passionate about making the world around me just a little bit better. I speak Spanish and enjoy traveling and building cross-cultural relationships.  As a lifelong resident of Chester County, I have been involved with many non-profit organizations and feel committed to supporting my local community in both my professional and personal life.

Beyond Expectations

"I had never used a contract grant writer before, and I was concerned that they would be less invested and not close enough to the mission to be effective.  My experience with Emily [Focus Shift Consulting] has not only allayed any worries, it far exceeded my expectations."

Jennifer K. Anderson

Trellis for Tomorrow 

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Let's take your organization to the next level.

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